Connecting with Country - Gunnedah NAIDOC Celebrations

Lachlan and family - July 2022
As part of our understanding and learning from Country to help inform the design and create a facility that is welcoming to all cultures our Project Director Lachlan Falconer-Adams was asked to join the Gunnedah Hospital team for their annual NAIDOC Ceremony in July, he jumped at the opportunity. Here’s what Lachlan had to say… 

“This year I was invited by the awesome staff at Gunnedah Hospital to participate in their NAIDOC opening ceremony and had the honour of speaking after the Welcome and smoking ceremony. 

I was incredibly proud to have my Nan and Dad there with me who were both born at Gunnedah Hospital. With the importance of NAIDOC and Health Infrastructure’s Connecting with Country session with the local mob after the ceremony, it was a special opportunity to welcome Nan and Dad back home. 

This year’s theme #getupstandupshowup represents our mobs unrelenting determination to continue to fight for each other and what we believe in. Standing up for our rights, our land, equality, and for constitutional recognition. This week is about celebrating our heroes of change who inspire us to pick up the torch and continue our legacy of resilience and passion and I’m so proud to have had mine there with me. Thanks Nan and Dad!” 

Thank you to Rachel and the staff involved in this year’s ceremony, it was a fantastic event.