Can we lift it? Yes we can

The building site received a very special visit recently from children who attend Possum Place Child Care Centre on the John Hunter Hospital campus.

The children have been keen observers since work began and were excited to see the project up close and personal.

They were able to meet with some of the workers on the build and learned about the jobs they do each day.

Our cranes ‘Lifty’ and ‘Lofty’ were introduced and they were even able to speak to the crane operator over walkie talkies.

The children learned crane commands such as ‘hook up’ and ‘hook down’ and were very excited to direct the crane operator to pick up a road roller (used to compact soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt.)

Thank you to our builders Multiplex and project managers The APP Group for creating a great day out for the children.


IMG_5020-(1).JPGChildren and their educators view all the activity on site. 

The children and their educators listening to our site workers describe the work they do. 

Sending instructions to the crane operator 70 metres above.