Finalising project designs and plans

In our 2022 end-of-year wrap-up, we mentioned we were partnering with a contractor early in the project. 

The planning and design is nearing completion on the Muswellbrook Hospital Stage 3 Redevelopment and the project is soon to move into the construction phase. 

As the cost of living has increased, so too has the cost of construction which is impacting many infrastructure projects across the state.

In light of the increased cost of building, a review of the Muswellbrook Hospital Stage 3 Redevelopment was undertaken to ensure we get the most out of the available budget and an operationally practical outcome.

The review considered staging (what can be done now versus later), mix of new and existing infrastructure, working with our construction partners, priority services and the valuable feedback gained through staff and community consultation.

What’s being delivered?

  • A new inpatient, birthing and maternity department is the main priority and will be delivered on site
  • Community health will be relocated into the hospital to enable the construction of the new department
  • The new department will connect to Muswellbrook Hospital’s existing infrastructure and services including the emergency department, operating suite and sterilisation unit

What’s next?

The draft design is now being updated and delivers areas of most need, ensures all existing services can continue on site and allows for future work or stages.

The project team will continue to work with staff and the community to finalise the design over the coming months.

Construction on the redevelopment is expected to commence in early 2024 and forecast to be complete in 2025.

If you have any questions, please email