Connecting with our community is an art

Local artist Ellie Hannon, who is creating artwork that will be displayed as graphics in the new hospital building, joined the project team at the Olive Tree Christmas Markets.

It was a great opportunity to connect with the community, providing information about what they can expect and to answer any of their questions.

On the day, Ellie worked with locals - showing them how to create monotype prints with paint and paper – one of the methods she regularly uses to create her work.

Team members Narelle Bromilow and Peta Cooper were on hand to talk visitors through the new John Hunter Health and Innovation Precinct project works that will support Hunter New England Local Health District and the community.

Visitors were most interested to hear about the new additional 900+ car parking spaces for staff, patients and visitors. There were also plenty of questions about the new Emergency Department and the new 12-bed Nexus Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit. This Nexus space has been co-designed with young people with lived experience in adolescent mental health, their families, children and staff.  Visit here to learn more about the  strategy for integrating art into the precinct. 


OliveTree2.png   OliveTree1.png   OliveTree3.png
Artist Ellie Hannon (pictured waving above) joined the project team at the recent Olive Tree Christmas Markets in Newcastle