Concept design

The concept design for Stage 2 of the $100 million Manning Hospital redevelopment was unveiled in June 2022, showcasing a campus which supports the delivery of health services through better connections with patients, staff and community.

The redevelopment is designed around people, places and interaction. It delivers an environment which is more culturally respectful, provides connections to nature and natural light, and reflects the diversity of the community.

The concept design builds on the master plan for Manning Base Hospital

Unveiled in January 2022, the master plan guides the development of the site, including how key existing and future elements of the hospital best connect with each other. The masterplan provides a cohesive strategy for future development on the site – this means there will be capacity to enable new and upgraded clinical facilities to be integrated seamlessly.


The new two-storey clinical spine will improve flow and the connectivity of services

A key element of the redevelopment is a new two‑storey clinical spine, which will link the hospital’s buildings to provide high-quality patient care, improved flow and better connectivity of services.  Separating public areas on level 1 from clinical / patient areas on level 2, the spine supports access and way finding around the hospital for community, improves core clinical relationships and ensures the comfort and dignity of patients.

Click here to view the media release: PREVIEW OF $100 MILLION MANNING BASE HOSPITAL REDEVELOPMENT (28 June 2022)