Master plan

Master Plan

The vision for the $835 million John Hunter Health and Innovation Precinct is to create a world-class health and innovation ecosystem with a genuine devotion to a future of innovation, collaboration and excellence. 

This includes delivering improved connectivity to the Hunter Medical Research Institute and enhancements to road infrastructure on the precinct. 

The project actively encourages collaboration with health, education and research partners to create dynamic new opportunities for education, training and employment for staff and the broader community.

The John Hunter Health and Innovation Precinct will be a key driver of economic growth and jobs for Newcastle and the broader Hunter Region by generating new employment opportunities, improving liveability and facilitating research.

A vision of what might be 

This artist’s impression (below) of the precinct master plan reveals existing and potential infrastructure connected by public spaces. There are three key areas that illustrate how the scale of the precinct can be used to its full advantage. 

These areas are:
1) the Research and Education Zones to the west 
2) the Hospital Zone in the centre and 
3) the Parallel Provider Zone to the east. 

This vision for the future seeks to establish an identity for each zone with connectivity creating a seamless flow across the precinct, linking the east to the west. 

The Master Plan was developed after a workshop hosted by Mr Hazzard in September 2018 with more than 60 health, education, research, business and political leaders.   It was presented to staff in August 2019.  

The Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan details the John Hunter Health and Innovation Precinct as one of its three growth areas. The Integrated Project Team continues to work on attracting new investment and partnership opportunities through government, universities, research institutes and the private sector.